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Video Brochure

A Video Brochure is a card, a brochure, a book or a box with a build-in LCD screen. When opening the card or book the video starts to play automatically. A video brochure is the most effective direct marketing and sales tool.

A Video Brochure can be used to send a personal video message, introduce new products, or send out as an invitation for special events. Here you see how your video brochure with a 7 inch LCD screen could look like.

We make every video brochure to a customer’s specific requirements and wishes. Additional functions can be added. Your creativity is the start of the possibilities we can offer.

PST provides you with a complete video brochure product, from design to production and final delivery. Even delivery direct to your customers if needed.

To guarantee the best quality, we only use high quality A-grade components. We can therefore provide you with 100% quality and a 2 year warranty.


Your presentation with sound and video.

With a video brochure you can address your customer personally. By showing your product or services with sound and video, your customer will be immersed in an experience which will convince them of your offer. Your customer can see you, hear you and understand you.

A video brochure can be used to send a personal message to a special customer group ot business partners. You can present your company and products, introduce new services, or use it as a video manual for complicated technical installations.

But also as an introduction to new staff members, and invitation to special events or support a promotional marketing campaign.

See below for many more samples we made for different industry customers.


Personal or corporate.

Every design is possible and can be made to your requirements.

Your creativity is the start of the possibilities we can offer. A video brochure can be made to your personal design preferences or corporate design guidelines. It can take almost any form to best support your message or marketing campaign. Additional functions and features, as well as promotional items can be added.

The most popular designs are:

A5 (portret or landscape) video brochure with an 4.3 inch, 5 inch or 7 inch LCD screen, with or without extra video and sound buttons.

A4 (portret or landscape) video brochure with an 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch or 10 inch LCD screen, with or without extra video and sound buttons.

But other designs with different shapes and sizes can also be made.Using the same technology we can make video boxes, video books, video POS stands, or even video calendars. Whichever is more suitable to your presentation, sampling, promotion or other purpose.


Technical details and specifications of our video brochures.

The video brochure consists of:

  • LCD screen
  • media player
  • battery
  • memory
  • speaker
  • USB connector

And all packaged in a size A7, A6, A5, A4 or other size cover of your choice. Thickness can be 3mm, 7mm or 10mm. You can choose hard cover or soft cover.


LCD screen : You have a choice of the following LCD Screen sizes

  • 2,4" LCD (4:3 )=4,88 X 3,66cm
  • 2,8" LCD (4:3 ) = 5,69 X 4,27 cm
  • 4.3" LCD (format 16:9 ) = 9,52 X 5,35 cm
  • 5” LCD (format 16:9) = 11.0 x 6.3 cm
  • 7" LCD (format 16:9 ) = 15,50 X 8,72 cm
  • 10.1 LCD (format 16:9 ) = 22,36 X 12,58 cm

For more info go here.


Every design is possible and can be made according to your requirements or wishes. From Credit Card size to letter or legal size. Other sizes and dimensions like a video box or video POS stand can also be made.



Videos van be played in HD(720p) or Full HD(1080p) and in different formats like.avi, mp4, mov, etc.. New videos van be uploaded via de USB connector or old ones removed.



You can have 0 to 10 video selection buttons. They can be linked to individual videos or function as “Next Video”, “Start/Stop” or “Pause/Play”. You can also have sound buttons (up + / down -).



Memory for your videos can be expanded from 128MB to 8 GB.



Video's can be played during 2 hrs when repeatedly opening the brochure. The battery can be recharged via the USB connector.



We can provide you with a luxury gift box or secure postal shipping box, so the video brochure will arrive safely at your customer.



PST has more than 25 years experience (established in 1991).in the IT industry and was the first company to introduce Video Brochures. We already manufacture Video Brochures for 8 years now. Based on our experience we can support and advice you to create a successful video brochure for your promotion or marketing campaign. We provide full service and a 2 year warranty.